Flexxo è distributore italiano di camere in fibra di carbonio Absolute


Because Reglass carbon fibre composite rollers are manufactured using Wrapping technology, and are designed to guarantee high quality standards and to meet the requirements of operational simplification, flexibility of use, and a reduction in production costs. They are rollers with dimensions and technical characteristics that respond to companies’ needs to create diversified and competitive converting equipment.  Reglass carbon fibre composite rollers are made from materials developed from aviation technology adapted for industrial applications, and they achieve excellent results in terms of cost and performance.

Ten reasons for choosing Reglass carbon fibre rollers

  1. Higher speeds and much lower weights
  2. Larger Formats
  3. Shorter starting times
  4. For the most part, they do not require motorization
  5. Greater precision of the load cells
  6. Reduction of the diameters
  7. Improvement of the aerodynamic flows
  8. Reduction of the contact surfaces
  9. Greater freedom in designing machines
  10. Reduction of the load on the machine’s structure


High performance products in carbon fibre!

Reglass chooses carbon fibre to produce its rollers and other components for flexographic printing machines. The range includes:
Cliché rollers and anilox holder sleeve mandrels: much lighter than traditional steel ones, but with up to one and a half times more rigidity, they allow significant increases in the speed and quality of printing. Reglass has more than 20 years of experience serving leading European constructors in the sector of flexographic printing. 
Expanding reel holder shafts: suitable for winding and unwinding reels with an inner core, in all converting processes. They are available in two versions, for high loads or for high speeds. Rollers for converting: guarantee efficiency and velocity and prevent vibrations in the machine, ensuring top quality finished products. Reglass technology is able to ensure weights, rigidity and critical speeds in line with the requirements of high productivity that would be unthinkable with the use of other materials.
Carbon fibre roller coatings: Reglass supplies its rollers with specially-made coatings that guarantee exceptional performance and outstanding durability over time. The Flexxo experts are waiting to explain in depth the advantages that Reglass carbon fibre can bring to your business by ensuring that your work yields excellent results.